junho 14, 2024

It seemed like only a matter of time before GaN tech made its way to travel adapters. You see, travel adapters are already clunky. By virtue of their universal design and integrated socket shapes, travel adapters can’t really be small… however, they can be powerful. Meet Swift, the world’s first 120W travel adapter build with 3rd gen GaN technology. Like every travel adapter, Swift supports the socket designs of over 150 countries, but unlike any other travel adapter, it also lets you plug in as many as 6 devices at the same time and fast-charge all of them simultaneously. You’ll never travel the same way ever again.

Designer: iBlockCube Team

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Swift’s design leverages 3rd gen GaN technology, which allows it to deliver a lot more power with much higher efficiency and less heat. GaN (which stands for Gallium Nitride) is increasingly becoming the better alternative to silicon in semiconductor design. While most power bricks and adapters have leveraged GaN technology to make themselves smaller, Swift uses GaN to super-serve its user while still being the perfect size for a travel adapter. You see, size reduction isn’t really possible when you’ve got as many as 4 different universal socket designs built into your form factor… however, the Swift’s size puts versatility front and center with as many as 4 USB-C ports, 1 USB-A port, and 1 travel-friendly power socket design that lets you simultaneously charge 6 devices together. The GaN semiconductor on the inside gives the Swift a staggering 120W output, letting you fast-charge every conceivable gadget from your phone to your tablet, laptop, power bank, camera, drone, or any other gadget.

Two 100W fast-charging USB-C ports on the base cover pretty much all your high-power needs, letting you swiftly charge your laptop, tablet, or smartphone at rapid speeds (theoretically it could charge your phone to 100% in just 8 minutes). Two more 20W USB-C ports let you quickly juice another device like a power bank, TWS earbuds, or your smartwatch, and a final USB-A port gives you another 20W output. There’s also a universal plug adapter on the front for devices like your hair dryer, beard trimmer, or any other appliance that can’t be hooked to the Swift via USB.

The Swift internally performs power management to give each device the power it needs, while also protecting itself and your gadgets from surges, overcharging, overheating, and other anomalies that could damage your electronics. It even comes with a spare 10A fuse just in case there’s ever a problem. No more worrying whether that random socket in a foreign airport or café is safe to hook your expensive laptop or phone to.

The Swift’s universal design features four popular socket shapes (American, British, European, Australian) that allow it to work in over 150 countries around the world. Sliders built into the side of the adapter allow you to eject or retract plug styles, pretty much following the same style as regular travel adapters. When shut, the device measures 2.9 inches vertically, 2 inches across, and 2.2 inches in depth, putting the Swift at par with most standard adapters that have the same footprint. Starting at $59, the Swift definitely sits on the pricier side, but it absolutely beats having to buy and carry 6 different adapters for all your gadgets. You can even add compatible nylon-braided USB-C and Lightning cables to your pledge, with their own built-in LED screens that display power readings to tell you if your gadget is fast-charging or not! The Swift begins shipping starting July 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off) Hurry! Just 6 days left!

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