junho 14, 2024

Electric bike revolution has changed the complexion of transport as more and more people are adopting the novel idea. But ditching your old bike lacking pedal-powered assistance for a new one, brings things back to square one, in hindside. The cost of recycling the old one, and the carbon footprint it creates can’t be ignored.

A better approach is to turn your existing bike into an electric-assisted one. Yes, you can actually do that with the Swytch Kit at a fraction of the cost of an eBike. So, you’ll be switching from a traditional bike to a modern electric one in an hour’s time. How easy can that be?

Designer: Swytch Bike

The mindful accessory turns any normal bike – be it a hybrid, folding, mountain or fixie – into one that is electrically assisted. According to Swytch Bike, the kit fits seamlessly on 99 percent of bikes available on the market. The heart of the kit is a pocket-sized battery pack that provides the power needed on those biking trails or elevated roads. That electric pedal assist feature unlocks extra range and brings the convenience of traveling with bicycle as the primary mode of transport.

The pedal sensor positioned next to the crank senses when the rider is pedaling and the motor controller inside the handlebar battery mount extracts needed power from the Power Pack to churn the 250W front motor wheel. The Power Pack comes in two options – Power Pack Air promising a range of 15km and the Power Pack Max giving a 30km total range. The mount fits onto the bike handlebar and the Power Pack can be removed in the blink of an eye.

Quite fairly looks are also important and the Swytch Power bank (the most obvious visible element) doesn’t disappoint. It has an anthracite-toned hue as the base color while the yellow adds a very hip accent to the accessory. The ridged and soft-to-touch silicone bumper elevates the tactility, and gives a high-quality feel when held in hand.

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