julho 17, 2024

The idea of microhome architecture brings to the fore off-grid, modular structures perfectly in line with the trend of sustainable living. Cabin homes, container houses or compact prefab homes give modern dwellers every reason to cut down on the amount of space they take up for living.

This microhome dubbed PICNIC falls in line with the space-saving style of living which is adaptable to a diverse set of situations. The project designed by Mauro Polondak is created in collaboration with Faculty of Architecture colleagues Mihaela Klobučar and Magdalena Kačan.

Designer: Mauro Polondak

This structure inspired by a picnic box is classified as an “Interactive House” and is a clever mix of aesthetics and functionality. The individual modules open up like a picnic box to reveal a different configuration supported by a play of colors. The latter comes into the picture using contrasting colors, giving the house individuality with each setup.

2020 redefined the world – not only how we interact with our surroundings but also as how we define our home. Project Ori, a robotic furniture company we featured sometime back is exactly what this project reminds me of – but a more analog version of it. While Ori features movable designs that transform your space based on your settings, this Interactive House is almost a scale model blown up but in both cases, we can see how the modularity of the design is what remains the most appealing aspect for the users.

Understandably, the PICNIC house will be a different experience with every change in the size or arrangement of modules. The designer has kept the design of a cube-like house open from all sides to keep all the possibilities for setting up the inside space. The change in configuration is made easy with additional string elements that are hooked onto the external switching elements. On the interior, the principle of interactivity is nurtured – not limiting the use case scenarios to just a few.

This kind of housing is ideal for nomads or people who like living in the grand outdoors minus all the fuzz. Setting it up to be an Airbnb or rental is also a feasible idea for this kind of structure.

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