junho 14, 2024

Guerlain is no novice when it comes to collaborations. And in its series of collaborations, the newest is a partnership with Maison Matisse on a limited-edition bottle paying to the noted painter- Henri Matisse. Yes, that’s right! At the heart of the collab is Guerlain’s Bee Bottle which has been colorfully transformed to perfection. It is inspired by Henri Matisse’s La Musique (1939) (currently on display at Buffalo AKG Art Museum in New York) that depicts two seated women, one of whom strums a guitar.

The bottle further holds a stopper that is hand-painted by Astrid de Chaillé. Inside, it holds the exotic Couleur Bonheur, a novel fragrance with modern notes that pays an ode to the lively hues of Matisse’s palette. Commenting on the collaboration, Mathieu Matisse, founder of Maison Matisse in a statement said, “Henri Matisse has become synonymous with happiness. With his simplified brushstrokes, he wanted to bring joyful emotions to life for everyone. The creations within this collaboration, therefore, evoke the same energy, daring, and warmth.”

Limited to 14 signed and numbered pieces, the Bee Bottle Maison Matisse Edition is priced at $17000 (for every one lt. bottle) and comes packed in a simple yet chic wooden case. It is currently available for purchase online on guerlain.com.

Care to get your hands on this masterpiece?

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