junho 14, 2024

Since the transition from home offices to actual corporate offices has begun, it’s important to ensure that employees feel comfortable, safe, and motivated in their workplace. And adding the right furniture designs can greatly contribute to creating an office that is conducive to motivation and productivity. When it comes to picking the right office furniture, we’re usually focused on a great workdesk and an ergonomic chair. However, have you ever really paid attention to an excellent meeting or conference table? Well, Narbutas did and designed the Nova Wood Multipurpose table.

Designer: Narbutas

Narbutas has a preexisting collection of office furniture called the Nova Wood collection, and they recently added the Nova Wood Multipurpose table to it. The new multipurpose table has been specially designed for collaborations and informal meetings. In the words of Narbutas, the table is a “self-sufficient meeting island”, that creates a harmonious and comfortable space for casual and quick workplace interactions or meetings. The table has been equipped with a variety of accessories, that you can use to customize it.

The accessories include – power outlets, and attachments for display screens, writing boards, shelves, hooks, and even plant pots if you want to add a bit of green! The wide range of accessories allows the users to create a space that meets their requirements and works best for them. The meeting island is crafted by using the same solid wood ash, that was utilized to build the 2019’s Red Dot Award-winning Nova Wood meeting table. However, it has been additionally equipped with an A-frame and optional castor wheels for mobility.

“The answer is in our nature – for communication and socialization. The Nova Wood Multipurpose table promotes both informal meetings with a cup of coffee and creative meetings for discussing various projects,” said Simonas Savickas, workplace design specialist at Narbutas. The multipurpose table is an excellent platform for employees to engage and interact with their peers and seniors. Narbutas believes it is the perfect design for these times when people are questioning and wondering whether they should even return back to office post-pandemic. In such an age, this multipurpose meeting island serves as a versatile and customizable piece of furniture that fosters meaningful collaborations and interactions.

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