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Have you ever wondered what makes the desirability and the longevity of our most iconic products? Is this due to the manufacturing secrets preciously guarded within our Houses, sometimes for centuries? Or the talent of a single creative visionary capable of inventing or reinventing everything each season? Or to the person who makes it? Sells it?

The Story Behind ME series, broadcast exclusively on our social networks, lifts the veil on this mystery… By meeting the people who contribute to the desirability of our products every day.

In the succession of three stories that form a single one, we discover the face, the intelligence, the keen eye, the hands, the sensibility of women and men who pass on from one generation to the next, from one métier to another, the passion for beauty, for timeless quality, for various skills so patiently acquired and optimized so much so they become an art…

Each talent is the custodian of one of the 280 Métiers d’Excellence within the LVMH Group. Whether it is creation, craftsmanship or customer experience, they all maintain a permanent dialogue that ensures that our products are not just products, that our products have a soul. Some of these Métiers d’Excellence have a centuries-old tradition, and they all write their future with the passion that drives their daily work.

In the 1st episode, meet Lucia Silvestri, Bulgari Creative Director, Massimo di Valentini, Director of the Prototyping and Fine Jewellery Workshop, and Sergio Scudellari, Sales Manager.

They each unveil a facet of the Serpenti Necklace, the iconic piece of the House Bulgari. And what if the mystery was hidden in the links of this human value chain to which each person contributes, playing an essential role alongside the others?

In this second episode, Marco de Vincenzo, Leather Product Designer, Alessia Facchin, Assembly and Finishing Manager, and Xia Jie, Sales Consultant, open the doors to the Maison Fendi.

Discover how each person’s expertise and avant-garde creativity, in an unbroken cycle of excellence, redefine the iconic Peekaboo handbag, a Fendi icon with contemporary style.

In this third episode, take a look behind the scenes of Maison Loewe with Jonathan Anderson, Artistic Director, Maite Infantes, Modelist and Kashiyama San, Client Associate.

Passionate about their métier as well as custodians of a unique legacy and know-how, they work together daily to shape the future of the Maison by reinterpreting the design of the emblematic Amazona bag.

In this fourth episode, discover the world of Guerlain and the Rose Chérie perfume from the emblematic “L’Art & La Matière” collection with Thierry Wasser, Master Perfumer, Didy Duchesne, Dame de Table et Afaf Benabder-Rahman, Team Manager at the Guerlain store on the Champs-Elysées.

Driven by excellence and creative passion, they all contribute to revealing the emotion and refinement that give life to unique fragrances thanks to know-how that have been skillfully preserved and passed on through generations.

In this fifth episode, discover the iconic Classic Cabin Silver suitcase from RIMOWA with Guillaume Gadenne, Senior Product Designer, Nadine Schmekel, Assembly Line Coordinator and Ivan Mao, Canada Country Manager.

Much more than just a piece of luggage, the iconic accessory evolves over time without giving up its incredible soul and history. Combining industrial precision and craftsmanship excellence, it embodies the skillfully preserved know-how of the German manufacturer.

In this sixth episode of the series, discover the world of Belmond with an immersion in the heart of the emblematic Hotel Cipriani in Venice and on board the mythical Venice-Simplon Orient Express train alongside Melita Tosi, Breakfast Supervisor, Noe Serret, Cabin Steward and Xavier Ligerot, Sous-Chef.

As the custodians of skillfully preserved savoir-faire passed on from one generation to the next, they all work together to achieve a single goal: to offer guests a prodigious stay and unforgettable memories thanks to an unrivaled service.

In this seventh episode, discover one of the oldest pasticcerias in Italy. With a heritage that goes back two hundred years, Cova keeps on honoring the prestigious tradition of Italian pastry crafting, especially with its famous panettone, presented by the Executive Pastry Chef Eduardo Gadda, joined by Liliana Zappa, product development and Giovanni de Vecchis, Store Manager at Milan store. Discover in pictures a perfect illustration of the know-how and passion that animates each collaborator of the Maison.

This eighth episode in our series The Story Behind Me reveals the secrets behind the design and crafting of Louis Vuitton’s iconic Courrier Lozine 110 trunk. With its mastery of The Art of Travel, the Maison creates luggage, bags and accessories that year after year embody an innovative spirit, elegance and ingenuity, combined with an unyielding focus on impeccable quality. We hear from Sigrid, a senior leather goods designer, Anouk, a trunkmaker, Gabriele, a senior customer advisor and Laurent, a letter painter. They explain how an ongoing dialogue bridging different métiers enables the impossible to become magnificent reality.

Immerse yourself in the universe of Louis Vuitton, a Maison that pursues its passion for travel with boundless creativity and truly unique savoir-faire.


In our ninth episode Loro Piana, renowned for its passion for exceptional raw materials, shares the expertise and technique behind Cocooning, a collection the melds tradition and innovation. Join Barbara Giurisato, Women’s Knitwear Prototype and Sample Manager, Mariolina Costantin, Linking teacher, and Andrea Rizzo, Sales Associate, on a journey from the Piedmont valley to Via Monte Napoleone in Milan for an inside look at the manufacturing secrets of a truly unique Maison.


Today we go behind the scenes at one of the world’s most famous spirits brands. Founded two centuries ago, Hennessy has largest reserve of cognac eaux-de-vie in the world, created thanks to a unique array of expertise and a long-term vision.

Join Loïc Pavie, Manuel Rodrigues and Maxime Touzeau — Distiller, Calligrapher and Tasting Guide  — as we discover some of the métiers around the creation of Hennessy X.O, a cognac as bold as it is groundbreaking. All three are inspired by exacting standards and a quest for excellence, and share a deep sense of pride and passion for their métiers and their Maison.

This new episode takes us behind the scenes for an inside look at TAG Heuer’s iconic Carrera watch. This refined and elegant timepiece from the Swiss manufacture continues to evolve over time while retaining its unique spirit of endurance and performance. Arnaud Biju-Duval, Laurane Surmont and Benjamin Testa — respectively Watch Designer, Watchmaker and Store Manager – share insights on how this timeless icon combines precision and artisanal excellence, embodying the Maison’s meticulously preserved know-how 

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