junho 14, 2024

The sun continues to shine and shine bright on Swatch’s Moonshine Gold Moonswatches. How else does one explain a four-figure flip on the first model itself? The sought-after $300 bioceramic timepiece with a veneer of Omega’s trademarked Moonshine Gold alloy on its chronograph hand had eBay buzzing minutes after its release. Some watches were listed for a whopping $3000, but some pieces were already sold for approximately $1200, boasting a gain of 400%.

Via Twitter / @matty_peps

The new MoonSwatch “Mission to the Moon” model features a seconds hand made using Moonshine Gold. “It’s not limited; however, the limitation comes from the production itself (only one day),” said Swatch in a press handout. The Moonshine Gold edition was only available for sale at limited locations like London, Milan, Tokyo, and Zurich only. “We chose particular locations in these cities due to their special association with gold,” Swatch said. “For example, we chose London because this is where the price of gold is fixed on a global level and Paradeplatz [in Zurich] because of the banks and gold reserves.” \

According to Watchpro, the launch of the timepiece witnessed a large crowd of nearly 300-400 people in queues in the City of London. Many stood relentlessly to make a profit on the popular new MoonSwatches, and some were ardent fans wanting to catch a glimpse of the timepiece or grab one to complete a collection. This time last year, Omega x Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch Collection debuted with 11 iterations for an affordable $260.

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