junho 14, 2024

Instead of attachments and modules, the RODO game controller concept has its own unique way of transforming into the controller you need. The two pivoting arms on each side help the ergonomic handheld device turn into a pistol or even a linear VR controller. Depending on the game you’re playing, the RODO controller gives you the flexibility you need to immerse yourself in your gameplay, whether it’s racing, a first-person shooter, or even a VR role-player.

Designer: Duhan Oben Kayman

Modular gaming controllers aren’t new, given that multiple categories of games exist and one single controller couldn’t possibly scratch every itch. However, the idea of a flexible controller feels incredibly refreshing, and the RODO’s execution really makes things look feasible. In the case of the RODO’s design, two things really make the key difference – firstly, the flexible hinged-arm design, and secondly, the presence of sensors within the controller that give it 6 degrees of freedom, so you can use it to aim or even for spatial awareness. The gun/pistol mode makes aiming at the screen easier and more intuitive than using a joystick or D-Pad, with triggers that let you pull off that perfect headshot in a way that feels natural. The spatial awareness feature makes navigating both regular and VR games easy.

The controller works with the conceptual RODO gaming console, which operates independently. It runs games online (there’s no slot for CDs) and operates its own marketplace for buying games or expansion packs. Players can play the games offline or even with an active internet. The latter helps multiplayers game with each other in online CO-OP games, or against each other in other strategy, MMORPG, or RPG games.

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