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Saudi Arabia is not only the epitome of luxury but also of vision, ambition, and achieving the impossible. With the visionary Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the helm of things, there is no stopping the nation from becoming the hub of global design and architectural development. Fostering this growth is an array of ambitious megaprojects reshaping the kingdom’s landscape, one futuristic project at a time.

Magnificent Mukaab –
1312 feet tall and capable of holding 20 Empire State buildings in it, Mukaab is a cube-shaped skyscraper that will highlight the capital city of Riyadh. Built in classic Nadji style, the structure will offer 25 million square meters of floor area and create 104,000 homes. That’s not all; thousands of residents will be delighted to witness 80 entertainment and culture venues, 9,000 hotel rooms, and 3.2 million square feet (980,000 sqm) of retail space.

The out-of-the-ordinary project is touted to be the world’s largest downtown area with a 15-minute walking radius and its own internal transport system. Mukaab, set to be the browning glory o New Murabba, is scheduled for completion in 2030.

Spectacular Sheybarah Island-
While people around the world are talking about living in luxurious floating pods, Saudi Arabia is building it. This getaway giga project by renowned architect firm Killa Design is called the Sheybarah Island resort.

The futuristic villas off Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coast are inspired by sand dunes and are surrounded by crystal-clear waters that whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A total of 73 reflective overwater orbs and inland luxury overwater villas are surrounded by dense mangroves, desert flora, and coral reefs. ‘The circle represents unity, integration, and wholeness, giving guests a sense of completion, confidence, and harmony,’ explained the design team. guests can enjoy water-based activities or choose to unwind on one of the island’s many white sandy beaches.

Charming Coral Bloom –
The Coral Bloom designs take inspiration from the incredible flora and fauna found uniquely in Saudi Arabia. MBS’s humongous eco-friendly luxury destination is designed by architect firm Foster + Partners. The landscape will have 11 hotels and nine spectacular experiences like Dunes, The Trail, The Coves, Coral Pavilion, Reef Villas, Nature Reserve, The Club, Golf Course, and Luxury Village. Coral Bloom will serve as the Red Sea Project’s hub island.

The Red Sea Project, in all, will comprise 50 resorts, offering up to 8,000 hotel rooms and around 1,300 residential properties across 22 islands and six inland sites. Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio at Foster + Partners, says, “Our vision for Shurayrah is inspired by the island’s natural state, with the hotels designed to give the impression that they have washed up on the beaches and nestled among the dunes almost like driftwood.”

Time-honored Diryah Gate –
Turning 300 years of Saudi heritage into a modern oasis of retail, office spaces, living, and dining spots is only possible in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Diriyah, the ancestral seat of the Al Saud dynasty, will be revamped as a new cultural capital, combining traditional Najdi architectural typology with urbanism. At the heart of the development is the At-Turaif UNESCO World Heritage Site, an iconic mud-brick city and home of the First House of the Al Saud family.

The $63.2 billion project will offer over 30 attractions like museums, galleries, and recreational spaces. Jerry Inzerillo, group CEO of the Diriyah Gate Development Authority, shared, “We are committed to preserving and promoting the history and culture of the city, and we look forward to welcoming visitors from all over the world to bear witness to its beauty and be a part of the legacy it represents.”

Amazing Amaala –
Amaala is an upscale destination owned by Saudi Arabia’s PIF (Public Investment Fund). The biggest draw of this luxury destination is transformative personal journeys. Amaala’s wellness and sports retreats offer an unending range of activities, a sports academy (golf, equestrian, polo, camel racing, and falconry), and even an unmatched yacht club. The development will comprise 2,500 hotel rooms, 700 private residential villas, and a retail area having around 200 outlets.

Fascinatingly, Amaala will operate with a zero-carbon footprint, respecting the rich natural ecosystem and still providing a luxe lifestyle experience to guests. The Amaala project will foster economic growth by opening the doors for a whopping 22,000 jobs across hospitality and tourism, leisure, and retail.

Astonishing Alula –
The AlUla Development Company aims to turn this living museum and place of extraordinary human and natural heritage into a global tourism destination. Owned by PIF, these developments will include more than 7,500 hotel keys, 5,000 residential units, and a supporting staff village. AlUla is a budding tourist magnet in the north-western Madinah region that will open an unexplored world for tourists who can live in the subterranean hotel by French architect Jean Nouvel named Sharaan or explore AlUla’s Valley of the Arts.

Azulik AlUla is the latest luxury resort to open in the ancient valley, with 76 luxury villas of six different categories. Amenities like a world-class spa, a VIP club, welcome lounges, and all-day dining will make guests forget they are exploring a primitive destination. All things primitive will be found at the SFER IK museum, while the Azulik AlUla floors you with its incredible novelty.

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