junho 14, 2024

With the number of gadgets and devices being released every year by various brands, the electronics industry is one of the most notorious pollutants. Over the past years, there are brands that have become more conscious about the way they produce their devices and making sure their whole supply chain is more friendly to the environment. Samsung is one such brand that has been trying to create eco-friendly products, from their devices to their accessories.

Designer: Samsung and Slash B Slash

Samsung has partnered with a South Korean accessory maker to create the Eco-Friends collection. This was produced through the Samsung Mobile Accessories Partnership Program. As its name says, the accessory line is more friendly to the environment than the usual plastic materials that other accessories in the market are made from. These items are for the protection of the new Samsung devices like the Galaxy S23 line, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, and the Galaxy Watch 5. The collection includes phone covers, watch straps, and earbud cases.

What makes these accessories more eco-friendly than others is that it’s made from 40% Post Consumer Material (PCM). These materials include recycled plastic and vegan leather. To make it more fun for users, the designs include popular characters and scenes from fan favorite pop culture properties like Star Wars, The Simpsons, Hello Kitty, Pokémon, and Spongebob. There will also be some designs by young artists in case you prefer something less pop culture.

This project is actually planned by the Samsung Electronics Future Generation Lab which is made up of employees in their 20s from various global offices. If you’re in Seoul, you can drop by the pop-up store featuring the Eco-Friends accessory line in Yeouido. Hopefully, these accessories will eventually become available in Samsung global stores. Samsung is also working on making their smartphones and other gadgets more eco-friendly by using some recycled materials.

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