maio 24, 2024

Have you been pining for a ravishing Rolex watch? We’ve discovered an easy way to get the iconic timepiece on your wrist. Buy a private jet! FlyAlliance is offering a free Rolex valued up to $50,000 if you buy a 50 hours per year share in one of its Citation XLS+ and Next Gen fleets, per Forbes. The Rolex deal is limited to the first five buyers, which is understandable considering the shortage of the sought-after timepiece. To get the best out of this deal, one has to splurge $1,195,000 for 1/16th ownership interest.

Image – Fly Alliance.

Some of the moolah will come back when your term expires in five years. FlyAlliance is not alone in offering sweet deals to potential customers. and Magellan Jets have had similar offers in the market. Magellan Jets rolled out a limited number of 15-hour jet cards. Its card program typically starts at 25 hours.

The 2023 Rolex Sky-Dweller in White Gold costs $45,000

Garrett Seiple, the Boston-based provider’s marketing director, commented, “With all of the uncertainty across global markets, we wanted to offer the safe, seamless, low-risk private travel solution of our Jet Card program at a lower capital investment.” The private jet industry has surely seen better days, from a shortage of private jets to now resorting to gimmicks and deals to entice clients. Hopefully, the Rolex watch will show them better times.

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