junho 14, 2024

The idea of a Bluetooth speaker that doubles as a lantern for outdoorsy adventures is nothing new. But when the execution of this dual utility is outrightly unique, it calls for that perfect product that holds merit in the current gadget industry.

GravaStar who’ve surprised geeks with mecha-inspired Bluetooth speakers in the recent past have added another sci-fi speaker cum LED lamp to their line-up. Dubbed Supernova, the accessory looks like a three-legged robot, something anyone would want to sport in their geeky den.

Designer: GravaStar

The Bluetooth speaker besides looking really inviting to own, fairs well when it comes to the overall build quality, functionality, and hardware specifications. It is crafted out of a solid zinc alloy metallic body standing on GravaStar’s iconic tripod legs that we saw in their previous designs. The accessory with a 3-inch full-range speaker has 25 watts of power, 90db of output, and half-inch high-frequency tweeter for rich, crisp sound delivery.

The USP here is the transparent tubed center that beams light to double as a lantern for outdoor adventures or even indoor fun. There are three different modes of lighting, one of which emulates a flickering campfire. In the music-playing mode, this light can synch to the rhythm of the audio for partygoers.

GravaStar Supernova weighs 2.2 pounds in total and churns out approximately seven hours of playback on a single charge. Pair two Supernova speakers together and you are in for an encapsulating sound experience while listening to music, watching movies, or seeing viral content. The device has a Bluetooth range of 20 meters which should be more than enough for most users.

This accessory will definitely tick all the checkboxes for a geeky setup, given its ultra-modern sci-fi vibe highlighted by the peculiar robotic element. For a price tag of $180 Supernova is well worth the spend. If it’s already piquing your interest, the Bluetooth speaker can be pre-ordered right away, with shipping promised by April 9, 2023.

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