julho 17, 2024

The textured design helps obscure the plants in a way that creates visual drama, while also creating a mini greenhouse of sorts that allows sun to reach the plant’s leaves in a wonderful, diffused manner.

Meet Hazy, an office shelf that works as a planter-holder as well as a base for a whiteboard. With an aesthetic that’s best described (by the designer no less) as high-quality Nordic style, the Hazy has a clever way of being minimalist and clean. The shelf itself is rather simple to look at, with a choice between horizontal or vertical columns on which you can mount things. The vertical columns let you attach planters (simply by screwing them in place) one above each other, so that water trickles from the upper planters to hydrate the lower planters, and a fluted glass panel helps obscure the planters in an aesthetic and curiosity-engaging way, doing the job of frosted glass. If you want something more functional and utilitarian, switch over to the horizontal shelves and swap out the glass panel for a whiteboard and you have yourself something that’s much more productivity-focused.

Designer: Studio TZEN

Hazy creates a building block of office furniture that can be used in a variety of ways. You can have multiple units in your office, with some being planter-holders, and others being shelves with whiteboards. Wheels on the base of the Hazy let you move it around, orienting it in ways that either help decorate or dissect your office space into smaller chunks. Hazy was designed by Italy-based Studio TZEN for Onmuse, a global interior decor brand.

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