maio 19, 2024

No one looks forward to being unwell. But if it guarantees landing on the floating Dubai Healthcare City Island by Kalbod Design Studio, people will start looking at illness very differently. This futuristic medical oasis in Dubai breaks the monotony of a hospital or a wellness center by converting it into a multi-functional floating complex that marries quality healthcare with cutting-edge technology to make it the best place on the planet to be! It’s difficult to imagine anyone feeling grim here, as the new crescent-shaped Dubai Healthcare City island looks like a glorious 5-star destination with intricate Islamic geometric design.

It is a very technologically advanced structure that would successfully operate as a self-contained complex owing to an underwater transportation system, green-lined residences for patients seeking treatment, and educational and development facilities.

Elaborating on the underwater transportation system, one of the most innovative amenities will include a monorail system, and electric cars, rendering the island true to its name and free for pedestrians to roam.

Keeping the massive scale of the structure in mind, different stations will flank every part of the island for efficient movement. Dubai Healthcare City is primarily divided into three key zones. Education and research are located in the middle, with medical and residential zones on each side. All three areas are interconnected with pathways supplying fresh air flow, dotted with lush green spaces, making for a great walkway that lends uninterrupted views of Dubai and the Persian Gulf.

What catches the eye instantly is a core skyscraper that looks like it’s splitting from the center. This unique space spans an area of one million square meters. The first part is spread across 670,000 sq.m and houses educational activities. In contrast, the other 330,000 sq.m half is dedicated to functions such as the exhibition hall, research and development department, science and technology park, library, and exhibition area.

As far as medical facilities are concerned, a total of 14 towers are committed to healthcare, while the two residential zones include 24 hotels. Clearly, Dubai Healthcare City will become a global hub of healthcare with amenities to accommodate people from around the world.

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