junho 14, 2024

Lightweight, towable campers designed for electric vehicles are gaining traction by the day. Inclined on the idea of zero emissions travel, these trailers are integrated with a battery pack that makes extended off-grid stays possible, and allow peace of mind with the possibility of recharging the towing electric vehicle, if need be.

Joining the ranks is the luxury-packed Lightship L1 camping trailer towable by an EV pickup truck. It comes with a 40kWh battery onboard (upgradable to 80kWh), which can power the built-in systems and all electric appliances, charging the vehicle while off the grid. The roof and dual awnings are installed with solar panels that produce up to 3kW of energy, which the trailer uses to keep the battery charged.

Designer: Lightship RV

Almost ‘3 times as aerodynamic as a classic trailer,’ the L1 is designed to look different, but the difference is not limited to its openable glass panel windows all around. Constructed from automotive-grade composite material, the trailer derives its aerodynamic shape using a virtual wind tunnel.

There is manifold ingenuity in the L1’s design. Beyond the aerodynamism, the camping trailer features an interesting pop-up design. The roof extends upward, by a good three feet in Camp Mode, from 6.9 feet when the trailer is on the road (Road Mode).

The Lightship’s electric travel trailer measures 27 feet long, 8.6 feet wide, and weighs 7,500 pounds. The lightweight design and aerodynamic combination together allow the trailer to minimize drag. For EVs towing a classic trailer efficiency is a major concern: most EVs experience drop in the range when they’re towing. Lightship L1 is efficient in that its drivetrain powers the wheels independently, adding little haul weight to ensure the electric tow vehicle loses the least in its range.

Continuing the automotive-grade construction on the inside, the L1 trailer comprises interiors fashioned in textiles made from 70 percent recycled polyester. The liveable space inside is confined within glass walls and durable construction capable of accommodating up to 6 people. It features convertible beds, two (indoor and outdoor) kitchens, and a bathroom complete with rainfall shower and toilet.

The kitchen on the inside along with the usual cooktop, oven, and sink, includes a dishwasher. The slide-out kitchen on the other hand is equipped for a quick bite with a camp-style induction cooker and collapsible sink. Interesting highlight here is the countertop made from upcycled ocean waste. Available on preorder starting at $125,000, the Lightship L1 electric travel trailer makes traveling efficient, clean, and remarkably comfortable.

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