maio 24, 2024

With an aesthetic that’s a combination of minimalist and rustic, the Lamplox looks sort of fragile and dynamic in the way it rests on the floor a little too precariously. It casts a wonderful halo across any room, and isn’t just the kind of light that does a singular job of illumination – it’s designed to draw your eyes and attention too, inviting you to examine it, and possibly even play with it.

The rusticness of the Lamplox comes from its lack of order and symmetry. Unlike a tripod that consists of three equally sized sticks connected at one end, the three poles on the Lamplox feel haphazardly arranged, with a ring light resting on them in the most casual manner possible. This deviation from perfection, or ‘defect’ as designer Mehan Merve calls it, is what makes the Lamplox so endearing. It has a human touch, in a lot of ways, adding not just literal warmth to homes, but the kind of warmth also associated with human personalities.

Designer: Mehan Merve

“Light is meaningless, without darkness. And where there is perfection, there is always defect,” says Turkish designer Mehan Merve. “Humanity lives with defects while searching for perfection and this is the reason why we design, compose, and always look for beauty. I disrupt the perfection when I pierce the circle with asymmetric sticks.”

Although there’s a delicateness to the Lamplox’s design, it is, in fact, made rather sturdily. The three poles are screwed together in a way that’s made apparent when you look closely, and one of the poles even cleverly routes the ring light’s cable through a notch in its design. A little bit of perfection in the rustic ‘defect’!

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