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There was a time when dogs and bones went together. Now, thanks to pampering millionaires, dogs and luxury go hand-in-hand. A pet owner has garnered much attention owing to her princely treatment of her dog- a business-class plane ticket. Fifi, a four-year-old dachshund, was seen lazing on a large business-class bed during an 11-hour flight from Hong Kong to Turkey. Nothing less than a daughter, Helen, the dog’s owner, explained how the pup ended up in the bed. “I adopted Fifi when she was one year old,” she told Newsweek.

Via Instagram / @fifilittledarling

“We believe this is her first flight, and we decided to fly business and have Fifi in the cabin with me because I couldn’t deal with her being in the hold with the cargo. She’s my sidekick, and I don’t like to be away from her. And she’s the same.” Thanks to her generous and loving fur-mom, Fifi has made it to the affluent 20 percent of people who fly business, according to a 2021 report published by UK climate change charity ‘Possible’.

Via Instagram / @fifilittledarling

The viral video led to some disagreements on social media on whether pets should be allowed to fly in business class. Helen shut down haters by posting, ‘This is for all the haters out there, I don’t think non-pet owners really get it. Like, this is not just a dog… this is my daughter.’ Helen absolutely loves to indulge her dog, aka daughter, with the best there is, and it is not limited to flying business class.

Via Instagram / @fifilittledarling

The cute pet is seen donning the most prominent luxury brands on her Instagram account, from Burberry to Gucci. Fifi lives the best life with her owner in Hong Kong, celebrating birthdays and Christmas and looking adorable on the island’s beautiful beaches, which she completely loves.

Via Instagram / @fifilittledarling

There are more lucky puppies like Fifi-
Turning a dog’s life into the epitome of luxury are pet owners and their generous gestures. In 2021, a dog owner booked an entire Air India Business Cabin for his pet to travel in style. The pet, a Maltese snowy furball, flew from Mumbai City with its owner to Chennai. The two-hour-long flight cost the dog owner nothing less than nearly $3300.

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