junho 14, 2024

The initials’ LV’ are powerful, desired, and instantly identifiable. Wearing them as eternal pieces of fine jewelry is an unparalleled pleasure altogether. The bags may get outmoded, and the clothes may not fit, but Louis Vuitton Volt’s graphic Fine Jewelry collection is evergreen. Banking on the distinguishable initials, the Maison has created a collection of pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets featuring the iconic initials as the muse. L and V are juxtaposed in various orientations with a glistening addition of high-quality diamonds in different settings and sizes. The LV Volt collection is designed by Francesca Amfiheatrof, Artistic Director for Watches and Jewellery at Louis Vuitton.

Never before has the marriage between L and V come alive, as in the case of the LV Volt collection, where the alphabets complement each other, whether united or split apart. The letters intertwine to become a powerful metaphor for movement and their own unit of measure. The eye-catching pieces are set with diamonds on the pendants and ear studs in white or yellow gold. The genius triangular white-gold claws double as an innovative setting enhancing the gemstone’s sparkle.

The LV Volt Play unisex bracelets make a stylish comeback with cords this year. The central motif in 18-carat yellow gold combines the charm of the legendary L and V. Available in two sizes; these interchangeable bracelets flaunt an innovative braid of sparkling yellow-gold threads with red or black polyamide fibers. Louis Vuitton has created a lot of buzz on social media by roping in musician and actor Kid Cudi, Alicia Vikander, and Jin Chen for the campaign.

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