maio 24, 2024

As someone who spends more than half a day sitting in front of a computer screen or lying down scrolling or reading or watching, I keep reminding myself that I should get up every few minutes or so. The problem is that even if I’m just sitting down, my work is stressful enough so standing up takes a lot of effort. Most of the time, I still need to rest and relax even when I’m standing up and taking a break from work. So what if I could stand and rest at the same time?

Designers: Wonchul Lee and Boyeon Kim

The idea for the “Lean On” concept is to have that “three minutes” rest between sitting and standing that some are advised to do. This is perfect for people who like me who need to stand every once in a while to just stretch but also need to rest while doing so. This piece of furniture will capture that “ambiguous” moment in between sitting and standing. The curve of the object lets you have a few moments of rest even as you’re technically on your feet.

Think of it as a wall that you can lean against except there’s still a small seat to rest your hips and back on. The base and structure of the entire Lean On furniture is a continuous, tubular steel frame that curves slightly for the resting part and it is meant to fit the contour of the body. The “seat” or the “wall” is made from leather and can be different colors, as shown in the renders. You can actually place two of them perpendicular to each other so you and an officemate or friend can rest together while standing up.

The photos seem to show it is meant for tall people, or at least for people of regular height. I don’t know how people like me who are vertically challenged will be able to fit into the contour of the Lean On so maybe there will be some options as to the height of the curve so it can be more height-friendly.

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