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After 8 years of writing for a design blog, it’s mighty rare to see something beautiful enough to drop your jaw. I’ll admit, I had to close my mouth after 3 full minutes of admiring the SnapPack. It’s a unique blend of minimal yet spacious. Simple yet supremely versatile, with storage designed to hold every single one of your belongings. The ultra-slick backpack’s design is also made from cutting-edge materials that, well, resist cutting. The SnapPack, aside from being waterproof, is also designed to be slash-resistant, making it quite a compelling piece of gear from every angle.

Designer: Korin Design

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Crafted by award-winning gear studio Korin Design, the SnapPack is the sixth in their ongoing series to reinvent backpacks. Their previous bags have received the holy trinity of design awards – the Red Dot, Good Design, and iF Design Awards. Following user feedback and months of research, Korin’s team believes they’ve created their best backpack yet. Dubbed the SnapPack, this piece of next-gen gear puts usability and convenience at the forefront. The backpack’s easy on the eyes as well as on the shoulders, thanks to Aircell straps that create a soft cushion to ease the weight. The backpack is also built with an entire army of access points, from the magnetic quick-access hatch on the top to the waterproof magnet-secured bottle/umbrella sleeve on the side. The bag even has its own hidden chamber located on the panel that faces your back, RFID-blocking pouches in each of the straps, and even a retractable key holder… and that’s just the outside of the bag.

The SnapPack gets its name from the magnetic snapping mechanism built into its various outer pockets. The most notable one is the pocket on the top, that, when folded shut, doesn’t even look like a pocket at all. It’s easy to open and closes with a satisfying snap. The pocket lets you quickly access items from within the bag that can be pulled out without opening the entire gear. This could be your AirPods Max, Nintendo Switch, or something more critical like a DSLR camera that you need to access at a moment’s notice before your photography subject disappears. The same magnetic access is built into the 3D storage sleeve on the side, which exists independently from the bag. Perfect for bottles and umbrellas (or even tiny tripods), this waterproofed chamber lets you swiftly slide items in without having them stick out as they do on other bags. A hallmark of the SnapPack’s design is the fact that no object, gear, or belonging obscures or corrupts the bag’s design. Bottles don’t stick out the side, EDC doesn’t hang around on the straps, and even the branding is so subtle, you’ll barely notice it’s even there.

The inside of the bag provides up to 20 liters of storage, with a 180° opening flap that lets you access your belongings, and dedicated storage for everything from your laptop to your stationery. The bag’s big enough to comfortably fit a 16″ laptop, with fleece-lined compartments to protect your gear from scratches, and added storage pouches for cables, peripherals (mice), chargers, notebooks, etc. The rest of the space lets you stash your other gadgets, clothes, toiletries, etc.

A backpack as avant-garde-looking as this is bound to warrant some attention, which is why the SnapPack makes its anti-theft design such a strong USP. For starters, the magnetic hatches on the bag are virtually unnoticeable, and if any thief were to try and make their way into your backpack, they’d either look for the zip or directly go for the jugular by taking a knife to your backpack. Needless to say, the latter would be an incredible waste of time, given that the SnapPack is built with cut-proof fabric that can resist slashes with even the sharpest of blades.

Trying to brute-force your way with the zippers is a futile attempt too, thanks to a TSA lock that firmly secures your zippers in place, and remains hidden under the magnetic flap on top. If the thief’s final attempt was to just take your backpack and make a run for it, the SnapPack’s retractable rebound wire would be your final line of defense. The rebound wire secures your bag to poles, railings, chairs/benches, and other immovable objects, with a weight/force capacity of up to 50 kilograms.

The cut-proof fabric repels water too, protecting your belongings from not just theft but also exposure to the elements.

A hidden magnetic hatch in the back lets you slip belongings like your phone, passport, and wallet in, making it easy to access for you, but tricky for anyone else.

Other details on the SnapPack are its Aerocell-filled straps that make carrying the bag a breeze, and a handle strap to secure your backpack to your travel case while shuttling through an airport or station. The SnapPack also comes with discrete reflective patches on the back and the straps, keeping you visible even in low-light settings… and pairs wonderfully with its smaller sibling, the SnapSling. The SnapSling can be worn with the bigger backpack, making them the perfect travel duo, or can be used separately for when you’re traveling light.

The SnapSling is built to be as capable as its big brother, providing cut-proof, theft-proof, versatile storage in a smaller, cross-body format. Made to be complementary in every way, the SnapSling also employs the same cut-proof, waterproof fabric in its design, along with the signature magnetic quick-access hatch on the top that gives you ingress into the sling’s interiors. A hidden compartment on the back of the sling is big enough to store a phone, while a quick-rebound keychain holder lets you secure your keys to the bag. The SnapSling misses the Aircell strap, given that it isn’t built to be as heavy as a backpack, but makes up for it with a suave magnetic buckle system that has all the class and appeal of a fidget toy with its single-handed operation.

Both the SnapPack and SnapSling come in a single, cyberpunk-ish grey finish. The sling starts at $69, while the larger backpack is priced at a discounted $109. Both the SnapPack and SnapSling come with a 1-year warranty, and ship globally starting April… or if you’re in a bit of a hurry, $10 extra gets you the gear as soon as March 2023.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $169 (36% off) Hurry! Just 60 hours left!

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