junho 14, 2024

The highly-advanced electronics and driver aids in modern supercars are so good that they often mask poor driving skills. However, there are situations where even those cutting-edge technologies fail to compensate for the buffoonery of the person sitting behind the steering wheel. This was demonstrated in a wild accident that took place over the last weekend in which two beautiful Ferrari supercars sadly perished. Worst of all, the incident happened in Italy where crashing a Ferrari is akin to sacrilege.


The accident took place around noon in an upscale neighborhood of Osimo, Italy. According to multiple reports, the drivers of a 296 GTB and an F12Berlinetta, aged 50 and 54, are not from Italy and were on vacation near Ancona. The dramatic collision was captured on video by a security camera in which the pair of Ferraris can be seen crashing violently into the exterior wall of a villa. Both the supercars appear to be racing with each other and arrive at a sharp turn at high speeds, simultaneously losing control. Both of them slide off the road and hit a curb that acts like a ramp, making the Ferraris go airborne and slam into a wall in a dramatic fashion.

Via Youtube / @Antonio Pio Guerra

Thankfully, both the drivers managed to survive the accident with minor scuffs and bruises. However, the same cannot be said for the Ferrari. YouTuber Antonio Pio Guerra managed to film the aftermath of the accident; the entire front end of the 296 GTB appears to be completely destroyed and looks beyond repair. The F12Berlinetta, on the other hand, instantly burst into flames upon impact and was burnt to a crisp. Firefighters can be seen struggling to douse the fire in one of the footage. This accident is a reminder that public roads are not for racing or high-speed driving. To test the limits of your high-performance cars, you can always head to the nearest racing circuit.

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