julho 17, 2024

Virtual reality doesn’t belong in sci-fi movies or TV shows anymore as we’re seeing a lot of AR and VR products in the market, to varying degrees of success. It’s still not something as ubiquitous as smartphones or tablets but when we finally get a product that everyone can afford and is pretty easy to use, we might see a breakthrough. For now though, we’re still seeing various experimental products like VR goggles, consoles, games, and now, even desktop monitors.

Designer: Brelyon

If you wanted to have a virtual reality experience but without VR goggles, this new immersive monitor might eventually become an option. The Ultra Reality Display is a 30″ monitor that will make you feel like you’re looking into a 110-degree or 155-degree screen so you don’t need to have multiple screens when you’re trying to edit a video or looking at several excel sheets or when you’re playing a game that needs a more immersive environment.

The monitor is able to do this, or at least trick your eyes, through its hooded shape and a “wraparound vision”. They claim that it is able to give you a “depth profile that emulates the curvature of the human eye”. So instead of the “flat” view that regular monitors give you an immersive screen ideal for things like gaming, training simulators, and the early days of the metaverse. The video gives some of the technical details like it has an 8K pOLED engine, a 110″ virtual screen, a 155 degree field of view, synthetic aperture, spatial acoustic field, and fusion lightfield expansion architecture.

On paper, there are a lot of things a monitor like this could be used for like simulation training, teleconferencing, gaming, and if you want to watch movies like you’re in your own personal theater. The design looks like you would fit right in with Black Mirror (hopefully with better endings) or near-future sci-fi videos. I don’t know if the experience would be comfortable or if it might bring sensory overload because of its shape and immersive feel.

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