abril 13, 2024

Researchers have long been suggesting that homeowners should not take indoor air quality (IAQ) for granted. This has initiated a surge in IAQ monitors that let you stay abreast with the level of pollutants in the air you and your family members are breathing.

IKEA has been at the forefront of brands that are making devices to monitor indoor air condition in real-time. Furthering its commitment to give people access to clean air at home, IKEA first launched the STARKVIND air purifier embedded into a side table. Now VINDSTYRKA smart sensor – a viable solution that will help improve the quality of the air in homes makes its debut.

Design: IKEA

We often hear and read about indoor air quality being 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. In fact, WHO reports that pollution inside the house accounts for millions of deaths worldwide every year. Despite such alarming statistics, we take indoor air quality – impacted by volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust, mold, pet dander, etc – for granted, until someone in the family reports respiratory issues or allergies.

Smart sensor like the VINDSTYRKA designed primarily for indoor use allows people to measure and monitor air quality so homeowners know what they are breathing. The boxy IKEA smart sensor can identify particulate matter (PM2.5) and display the levels on its onboard display.

IKEA makes the VINDSTYRKA a smart device by allowing it to integrate with the likes of STARKVIND: the sensor monitors the air quality and prompts the air purifier to run its fans at a speed best suited to get rid of the air-bound pollutants.

The only catch here is that the devices should be connected to the company’s DIRIGERA hub and once connected, customers can use IKEA Home smart app to trigger actionable prompts for VINDSTYRKA to work standalone or with connected IKEA products.

There is no word on VINDSTYRKA’s price, but IKEA informs that the smart air pollution monitor will hit markets starting April 2023. Going by IKEA’s pricing strategy, the smart sensor should retail for roughly $150.

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