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Guerlain’s decided to make 170 years of the bee bottle special with glassmaker Aristide Najean. The result is a masterpiece in Murano glass housing the Le Bouquet de la Mariée Fragrance by the unmatched French perfumery house. 24-karat gold sculptural flowers encapsulate the beautiful $27000 bottle. The fragile arrangement makes it appear like the flowers are pouring out of the flacon. The date April 30, 1853, is etched in the center of the bottle paying homage to the memorable day the bee bottle was born.

Ten engravable limited-edition flacons will be released, each retailing for $27,000. “Just like Guerlain, [Aristide] loves nature more than anything, and so flowers were a no-brainer for both of us,” said Ann Caroline Prazan, Guerlain’s art, culture, and heritage director. “When I imagined the bride’s bouquet, I saw flowers entering the bee bottle, generously overflowing. [Le Bouquet de la Mariée] is a striking fragrance that I associate with the gesture of the ‘chosen one’ as the bride launches her bouquet, and it was important to me to recreate this unique, magical, happy, and eternal moment [through the bottle design],” said Najean.

Aristide Najean

Glassmaker Aristide Najean brought the bottle of the latest Le Bouquet de la Mariée Fragrance iteration from ideation to execution in seven hours. Taking inspiration from a bride on the most special day of her life, the Bouquet de la Mariée fragrance incorporates notes of orange blossom, musk, and vanilla. The limited-edition flacons will be released on May 1 on Guerlain’s website, retailing for $27,000.

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