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Well known for their rugged mobile phones, OUKITEL entered the green energy market in 2019 with their robust and reliable power stations built on their push towards long-lasting batteries and solar capabilities. The company just announced their Abearl P5000 series – the world’s first 5kWh portable solar power station with 4000W AC output and 120V/240V dual voltage output, available on Kickstarter.

The Abearl P5000 Pro’s staggering 5120Wh battery can keep your phone or laptop going for weeks, your campsite for days, and your Tesla for an extra 24 miles. A built-in 1600W UPS also lets you keep your essential appliances running even during a sudden power outage, and the Abearl P5000 Pro’s portable design allows you to easily wheel the power station around your house or even outdoors.

Designer: OUKITEL Design

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Why do you need a power station, you ask? The reason is really simple – electricity is just about as important to our lives as food, water, and medicine. However, you can ration and save food and water, and you can have a medical kit always ready for any emergencies… but how do you save your electricity for an unforeseen circumstance? Your power bank can only get you so far. Think of the Abearl P5000 Pro as a power bank for your entire life – not just your phone. Designed to get you through everything from minor power cuts to major outages to even off-grid living, the Abearl P5000 Pro is a nifty, portable power station that packs a punch with its 4000W capacity, and that massive 5120Wh battery. Standing at just 2 feet tall, with built-in wheels and a pop-out telescopic handle, the Abearl P5000 Pro weighs a mere 53 kgs (116.8 lbs), making it lighter than most power stations of its output capacity.

4,000W Output – Power 99% of your devices, from essential home appliances (lights, fridges, coffee makers, electric grills, etc.), computers, and mobile devices to medical devices (CPAP machines, etc.) to electric vehicles, and even those commercial machines are easy to boot up.

1,600 Seamless UPS – The switchover time of under 10ms gives you enough time to save your work and protects all connected devices from voltage fluctuations.

The Abearl P5000 Pro is built like an absolute beast. It boasts an output capacity of 4000W (that’s more than enough to power most of your home appliances together), and a surge capacity of 8000W just in case. It gets its name from the 5120Wh mammoth of a battery on the inside, that’s designed to help you go for hours in a minor outage or even days when combined with the Abearl’s included solar panel array.

The battery in question uses LiFePO4 cells (the same found in EVs), combined with a Texas Instruments battery management system that protects the cells from damage and keeps them healthy and optimal for decades without any significant drop in performance. The batteries themselves have a 3500-cycle lifespan, which means even daily use will get you through an entire decade with just about zero problems.

Technical details aside, the Abearl P5000 Pro was made for both indoor and outdoor use, with 15 outlets that cover a variety of appliances and use cases. 5 AC outputs and 4 DC outputs let you power all your appliances ranging from small hairdryers and coffee machines to even things as large as your Tesla (giving it as many as 24 extra miles). Moreover, 4 USB-A and 2 USB-C ports cover all your gadget needs, keeping your phone, laptop, tablet, camera, and a bunch of other tech juiced.

A suitcase-inspired design lets you wheel the Abearl P5000 Pro to any part of your house or even to your car, where you can carry it to a campsite. At home, you can keep the power station charged using an AC outlet, while the Abearl P5000 Pro even supports solar charging, with a built-in compartment for 1000W panels that let you easily power your outdoor experiences, from a camping trip to an outdoor shoot. Combine the two and the Abearl P5000 Pro charges in under 2 hours, thanks to a combined input of 2800 watts.

The power station comes in two variants, the Abearl P5000 Pro, which has an output of 4000W, and the Abearl P5000, which halves the output to 2200W, letting you power fewer appliances, but with the same battery capacity, the same 15 outlets, and the same portable suitcase-inspired design. The case for owning a power station spans just the off-chance power cut too. The Abearl P5000 series are built for a wide variety of scenarios and audiences. Sure, the emergency power backup feature is perhaps the most compelling one, but the Abearl P5000 and Abearl P5000 pro are great for outdoor camping trips, tailgating, long road journeys, and even powering houses/cabins in remote locations. Moreover, plug the solar panels in and the Abearl P5000 instantly helps you save energy costs by letting you tap into a renewable source of energy.

The OUKITEL 5120Wh portable power stations will be available on Kickstarter on February 3, 2023. OUKITEL also offers a special coupon for $100 that gets you $500 cashback on its official website. For the first 150 units of ABEARL P5000 Pro, buyers can get them at a super early bird price of $3,299. Chances are buyers can get the OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro at the lowest price of $2,899. For the first 100 units of ABEARL P5000, buyers can get at a super early bird price of $2,499. Chances are buyers can get the ABEARL P5000 at the lowest price of $2,099. Both ABEARL P5000 and P5000 Pro ship with a warranty of 3 years.

Click Here to Buy Now: $2499 $4999 (50% off). Hurry, less than 12 hours left!

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