junho 14, 2024

Are you having a bad day at work, making you hate your job? Before you vent out your frustration by doing something stupid, remember that at least it’s not as bad as this poor forklift driver’s situation who accidentally dropped a massive commercial oven on a $300,000 Ferrari. Several images and a short video of the unfortunate incident recently went viral after being posted on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, and then finding their way onto Twitter. While there’s almost no information available telling us what caused the accident. However, we can only presume by looking at the images that the forklift driver lost the balance of the commercial oven while driving around a parked Ferrari F8 Tributo, eventually dropping it on the hood of the supercar.

The pictures and the 6-second-long footage show the oven still on the hood of the supercar, making it difficult for us to assess the extent of damage caused to the Ferrari. Considering the fact that it’s a heavy commercial oven, the supercar’s hood and the front bumper might have been damaged beyond repair. Furthermore, the front suspension might also have been adversely affected. However, it’s unlikely to be a write-off; although, the repair bill might be eye-watering. A few years back, a delivery man in Taiwan crashed a Mitsubishi van into 3 parked Ferraris worth $1.6 million after falling asleep behind the steering wheel, causing over $300,000 worth of damage. But the story had a good ending. Some kind folks in the country started a crowdfunding campaign to help the poor delivery person. Maybe, the unlucky forklift driver will also be rescued from this terrible situation.

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