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Now that companies have figured out several ways of going to space (read: edge of the Earth), they also need to get innovative with how to spend time there. Why only visit the stratosphere when you can make the interstellar your wedding venue? How can any Earthling match your stratospheric strategy of saying, ‘I do?’ Space Perspective, a celestial event company, will replace wedding bells with a giant hydrogen-filled balloon, the Spaceship Neptune. “The Neptune ship rises into space with our balloon, powered by renewable hydrogen, without rockets or the associated carbon footprint,’ said the company. “Instead of taking off, we rise to 12 mph, making the experience accessible to anyone fit to fly with a commercial airline”.

Image – Space Perspective

Saying that you will get married in space is the same as saying you will love your partner daily and dearly all your life. Space Neptune will not fly you right out in space but float you high enough to see Earth’s curvature and the darkness of space, achieved at an altitude of about 100,000 feet.

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Your wedding venue, the spaceship, will flaunt big windows to make the most of the unique heavenly views. It can whisk away eight passengers and a pilot, who will enjoy your special moment and essentials like a minibar and a concealed lavatory.

A depiction of the space lounge

Toasting to the newlyweds won’t be a problem as a well-stocked bar permits sky-high toasts while your guests revel in plush seating, interactive lighting, and sound systems. Sensors and screens offer in-depth science data about your flight so no one flusters. Space Perspective allows furniture rearrangement to adapt to a special event, such as a dinner for two or a wedding. So if you choose to be a bridezilla in space, too, they will undoubtedly accommodate your whims. And why not? You are dishing out a staggering $125,000 for each person in your wedding, which will last six hours.

The lounge will offer views like no other (literally)

Thanks to a Wi-Fi connection, you can live stream your entire wedding for your family and friends below to participate and witness the magic. Co-founder of space company Space Perspective Jane Poynter is claiming her firm may just be the first to offer a marriage service in space. “We’ve already had people wanting to be the first marriage in space, so we’ll see who is the first,” she told The Cool Down. “Spaceship Neptune was developed to be the most accessible, most sustainable, and safest spacecraft on or above Planet Earth. It comprises the SpaceBalloon, Reserve Descent System, and Neptune Capsule,” stated the firm.

Space Perspective, founded by Jane Poynter and Taber MacCallum, leased facilities at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to make this dream come true.

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