junho 14, 2024

This 24.9-meter Victory Design motor yacht named Bolide 80 recently left its shipyard in Pisa to begin sea trials during which it reportedly managed to “exceeded expectations” by hitting a top speed of around 73 knots. According to a report by Boat International, the high-performance vessel was also able to successfully reach a cruising speed of 55 knots. “The boat exceeded all design targets in terms of maximum cruising speed and intermediate gaits,” Victory’s Fabiana Porciello said in a statement. “Evolution tests confirmed the boat’s maneuverability and control at all speeds, thanks to the innovative dihedral rudder system and active control system.”

With a promised top speed of 75 knots, the Bolide 80 is described by its makers as a “hyper muscle yacht.” The folks at Victory Design & Technology and Ranieri & Tonissi worked closely to take this hyper-fast vessel from the ideation stage to execution. The aim was to create a yacht that combines avant-garde design with high performance and unprecedented comfort onboard. To make it as light as possible, the vessel features a full carbon-fiber structure along with an advanced multi-stepped ‘Super V Victory’ hull.

The Bolide 80 is designed to bring the performance, speed, and agility of a hypercar to the high seas. It is powered by a trio of MAN 12 V 2000 engines, each delivering around 2,000 horsepower. Victory Design claims the high-performance vessel has a range of around 200 nautical miles at the throttle wide open and a range of 345 nautical miles at cruising speeds. The yacht can be fitted with a twin-cabin or triple-cabin configuration, while its makers are offering various hull color options to choose from.

The Bolide 80 also features a hideaway automated T-Top and a carbon fiber “wing” cockpit that can be fully deployed at the press of a button. The wing deflects the airflow above the driver’s head, eliminating the need for a conventional windscreen. The Bolide 80 is the first in a series of nine models ranging from 18 to 50 meters. It’s on course to be delivered by the end of this year.

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