maio 24, 2024

This century-old split-flap technology has obtained a major upgrade, with celebrities like Drake and Jennifer Garner using them in their design-centric homes, and companies like Google and Netflix adopting the captivating messaging display system in their own offices.

There’s something ‘boring’ about digital screens. They’re a lot like Superman – All-too-capable, undefeatable, and with no real mystery. In no universe is Superman ever the underdog. If digital screens don’t excite you any longer, you’re not alone. Designed to be the Batman to digital screens, the Vestaboard is delightfully modern while drawing from the past, and is shrouded in a sense of mystical whimsy.

Designers: Faiza Moore and Fred Bould

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Vestaboard uses 8,448 beautifully printed, precisely engineered split-flaps to display text and colors, giving you a much more whimsical, choreographed, old-school alternative to your digital display. With 6 rows featuring 22 character units each, for a total message count of 132 characters, Vestaboard connects to your smartphone to display whatever you can dream up, and includes optional features for notifications and information from over 250 sources. The fluttering of the Vestaboard is engaging and exciting to look at… and unlike digital displays, looking up at your Vestaboard never gets tiring!

Vestaboard adds a beautiful bit of dynamism to any room, whether it’s at home, in an office, or in a retail space. At home, families use Vestaboard to welcome guests, celebrate occasions, set the daily menu, or generally keep the family organized and in sync. Couples and friends have a ton of fun exchanging their best quips. In commercial spaces, Vestaboard can work as a dynamic menu, a notice board, or an installation that grabs the attention of passers-by or welcomes important customers.

A free mobile/web-based application lets you control your Vestaboard by typing out quotes or messages or even using the visual editor to create designs on your Vestaboard with the color flaps. You can also opt for Vestaboard+, the paid subscription service that lets you connect your Vestaboard to multiple channels for news, stock rates, crypto prices (if you’re still into that), sports scores, and more. You can also sync it with your calendar to display upcoming events, or with Spotify, Apple Music, or Sonos to display the title and artist of the song that’s currently playing.

A winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Vestaboard comes in black or white, with individual Bits (split-flap modules) to match. Each Bit is rigorously tested to millions of cycles to land on the exact right character at the right time, and can even be individually replaced, should something go wrong. The entire analog display comes manufactured using the highest quality materials and components and is designed by the folks at Bould Design, who’ve also worked with Nest, Roku, Eero, and GoPro. Vestaboard ships with its own app, that’s compatible with both Android and iOS, and can be used as a web app from a laptop or desktop computer too. It also comes with an experience that no fancy Alexa/Siri/Google-controlled smart display can match. Vestaboard’s appeal is multisensory, with the familiar fluttering sound of the Bits as they change characters. It’s great to look at too, and unlike your digital screens, has a wonderful human touch, and an undeniable sense of mystery!

Click Here to Buy Now: $2,995 $3,295 ($300 off with coupon code “YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

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