maio 19, 2024

It’s becoming more common for houses to have at least one indoor security camera, whether to keep an eye out for intruders or to look out for the safety of family members and pets. Knowing that there’s an all-seeing eye inside your house can cause both peace of mind and uneasiness, especially because of the cold and impersonal way most of these cameras are designed. Not much of a problem if you’re staying by yourself, but living with kids and pets changes the atmosphere and the requirements significantly. Not only will you need something that can keep up with these fast-moving creatures, but they also need to be something that the young ones can approach with confidence. That’s the kind of robot that the upcoming EBO X is, combining the safety features of a security camera on wheels in the guise of a cute robot that your kids and even pets can befriend.

Designer: Enabot

Futurists had us believing that our homes will be filled with robots by now, but so far, only robot vacuums have become a more common novelty in some households. Admittedly, there aren’t many use cases for other robots to be moving around the house aside from cleaning and maybe assisting those with limited mobility. Enabot, however, has been introducing home robots that, at first glance, seem to be just sophisticated toys but can actually become important safety measures, at least if they work perfectly.

EBO X is the latest spherical wheeled robot from the company, and it can do everything that its predecessors can and so much more. That includes monitoring your house remotely or communicating via voice with whoever is at home. It can also follow moving objects, like pets and small humans, to take timely pictures or even sound the alarm if it detects something amiss.

What really sets it apart, however, is its human-centric design, specifically kid-centric. Enabot gave the EBO X not only a cuter face, with dynamic lighting that changes according to its functions, but also a smarter brain. It can respond to voice commands, for example, so that kids can converse with the robot as if it was their friend. It also has touch-sensitive zones on its side for activating features, giving a more tactile and more personal experience as well.

In some ways, the EBO X sounds like just an upgraded version of other EBOs before it. Its more approachable and more relatable design, however, makes a world of difference that turns the device from an advanced security system to a family friend. And if robots are going to start invading our homes, looking friendly and adorable can help integrate them better into our daily lives.

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