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The folks behind the self-warming cup are now looking to disrupt the baby bottle with a similar self-warming design. The Ember Baby is a $400 bottle that will automatically heat up at the push of a button, reaching and maintaining a consistent 98.6 degrees of temperature in just five minutes. Ember’s patented convection current technology circulates liquid on the inside to make sure it’s evenly heated, and an Insulating Thermal Dome makes traveling with your bottle of milk/formula much easier.

No more boiling, steaming, microwaving, and then checking the temperature by adding drops to your palm. Just press a button on the Ember Baby Bottle and you’re ready to go.

Designer: Ammunition Group and Ember

The Ember Baby Bottle is a 6 fl. oz. bottle that builds on the Ember self-heating cup’s capabilities. Using the same advanced technology but in a new format, the Baby Bottle comes with a puck that you rest it on to activate the heating system. Place the bottle on the puck and hit the button and it actively begins heating the milk or baby formula inside to body temperature. The convection technology helps circulate the fluid in the bottle so it’s heated evenly, and a series of sensors relay information to the Smart Warming Puck twice per second to prevent overheating, ensuring you always have the perfect temperature.

The Warming Puck heats the milk up twice on a full charge, with LEDs to let you know when it’s ready

Ember’s triple check safety technology utilizes precision sensors to prevent overheating

The bottle works in tandem with the Ember Baby app, which provides an integrated smart solution to track and monitor feedings, as well as your baby’s growth. It lets you remotely warm the contents of the baby bottle, as well as quickly log your baby’s feedings, whether from the bottle or breast milk, keeping tabs on your baby’s nutrition and growth.

The Ember Baby Bottle features a high-quality plastic bottle, with a threaded top and base that lets you open it completely for cleaning. All components that come in contact with the milk or formula are 100% BPA-free, and the bottle ships with its own nipples, but also has adapters for the Philips Avent Natural™ nipple and the Dr. Brown’s™ Wide-Neck nipple. The Ember Baby Bottle is also safe for use in dishwashers (top rack only), sterilizers, or boiling water.

The $400 Ember Baby Bottle System includes two bottles pre-assembled with a Level 1 nipple (along with Level 2 and Level 3 nipples in the box), a single Smart Warming Puck and power adapter, and even an Insulating Thermal Dome (shown above) that lets you carry refrigerated milk/formula around with you for up to 4 hours, and heat it just before serving your child. The Ember Baby Bottle System is up for pre-order, with shipping starting March 21st.

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