junho 14, 2024

If you build your dreams on wheels, the Boulder should be your trailer of choice on the next outing to a National Park. A four-person teardrop trailer for EVs, the Boulder is more than a comfortable tow-in camper for sleeping: It is also a power backup for your EV.

Designed and manufactured by Colorado Teardrops, the Boulder is specifically made with the unpredictable native weather in mind. It packs within its welded aircraft aluminum body a 75kWh battery that can extend the driving range of your towing EV and take care of the power requirements at the camp.

Designer: Colorado Teardrops

The Boulder is a fully insulated cabin stretching 12 feet in length. It has been meticulously designed to accommodate a couple and two children: has a queen size bed and two bunk beds for kids. Aerodynamically made, the trailer is fashioned with porthole windows, gullwing doors, and a kitchen galley to prepare sumptuous meals when camped.

The construction ensures plenty of natural light inside the cozy interiors laid out with ample storage to pack your favorite gear along. With a 3,500-pound rated suspension, the trailer makes space for storage on the outside as well. The retractable exterior kitchen of the camping trailer for instance accommodates a stove, food storage and has room for coolers and water.

To keep the adventure going longer than planned, the EV camping trailer kicks in extra dose of power to recharge your electric vehicle if need be. For onboard power needs, Orlando Teardrop provides the trailer with solar panels. The company, fascinated by the idea of an impactful EV trailer is likely working on 17- and 27-foot options for the Boulder in the future. Fitted with an outdoor shower, the Boulder in its 12-foot setting – for now – starts at $67,000.

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