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Behold the 2024 Lamborghini Revuelto, the long-awaited successor to the Aventador that served as the flagship supercar for the Italian marque for 12 long years. In typical Lamborghini fashion, it is named after a famous Spanish fighting bull from the late 19th century which was known for its wild, uncontrollable behavior. The new flagship also marks the beginning of a new chapter for Lamborghini; the Revuelto is the first series production hybrid model for the automaker. All future models that’ll be released by the manufacturer will have some form of electrification. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that Lamborghini has toned down its flagship because of hybridization; in fact, it’s wilder than ever. Here’s everything you need to know about the Lamborghini Revuelto.

The powertrain is an engineering marvel
Lamborghini revealed the powertrain details a few weeks before revealing the Revuelto, suggesting the Aventador replacement will be a revolutionary supercar. At the heart of the hybrid powertrain is a new 6.5-liter V12 which is 37 pounds lighter than the Aventador’s V12. It produces 813hp at 9250 rpm and redlines at an incredible 9500 rpm. At the front are two oil-cooled axial flux electric motors, one for each front wheel. Lamborghini claims each motor can deliver up to 147hp. The pair of electric motors not only offers torque vectoring but all-wheel-drive capability and power the car when put in reverse. A third motor is mounted within the brand-new eight-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox, another first for Lamborghini.

The DCT unit is placed behind the V12, making room for a 3.8-kWh battery pack which is mounted longitudinally inside the car’s central tunnel. The powertrain has a cumulative power output of 1001 hp, making it the most powerful Lamborghini ever. The Italian manufacturer claims the Revuelto can sprint from zero to 62 mph in just 2.5 seconds and hit a top speed of 217mph.

A lighter and stiffer chassis
Lamborghini has pulled out all the stops to make the Revuelto as light as possible. In addition to making the V12 lighter, its chassis is 10 percent lighter than the Aventador’s monocoque, while being 25 percent stiffer. This is despite it being physically bigger in size. Referred to as monofuselage by Lamborghini, it consists of a monocoque made of carbon fiber and a front structure made of chopped carbon fiber soaked in resin.

Fighter jet-inspired design
Lamborghini fans expect the marque to make automobiles that are wild and outlandish, not restrained and boring. Thankfully, Lamborghini has not disappointed. The Revuelto’s design is proper pinup poster material which will make you drool. Although it shares design elements with the limited-production Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, you won’t mistake it for any other supercar ever made by Lamborghini.

The exterior design is full of sharp creases, angular body lines, and hexagonal patterns, making it look like more a 5th-generation stealth fighter than a supercar. Headlights and taillights have a Y-shaped design that has become a signature element on all the new Lamborghinis. Furthermore, there are plenty of scoops and vents, along with flying buttresses, all working in tandem to improve aerodynamics. Lamborghini says Revuelto’s design is 60 percent more aerodynamically efficient than that of Aventador’s and provides 70 percent more downforce.

A completely revamped spaceship-inspired cabin
While Revuelto’s cabin has retained some of Lamborghini’s signature design elements, the overall design has been completely reworked. The flagship supercar has a total of three displays on the dashboard. The first one is a 12.3-inch screen that functions as a gauge cluster. Instead of being nestled inside a binnacle, the display has a floating design.

The second one is an 8.4-inch vertically oriented central infotainment screen. Finally, a slim 9.1-inch display is mounted right above the glovebox in front of the passenger. In addition to the new dashboard design, Lamborghini has also added rotary dials on the steering wheel for adjusting drive mode and hybrid power settings. The cabin design has also been optimized to accommodate taller people. There’s added focus on environmental conservation. The upholstery combines various leather options with microfiber made from recycled polyester.

The Lamborghini Revuelto is expected to be launched in the US by the end of this year as a 2024 model year. While the pricing has not been revealed as of yet but we don’t expect it to carry a price tag lower than $600,000. Interestingly, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed during the media launch that the new flagship supercar is already sold out for two years. “We already have a high demand,” said the CEO. “If you put all the orders in we are seeing today, we are already exceeding two years of ordering.”What’s surprising is that orders started pouring in well before the Revuelto was unveiled. That kind of demand and hype is usually seen only with limited edition models. While some special customers had access to more details of the supercar ahead of its launch, “the majority of the customers who have put their orders in have not even seen the car; they don’t even know [what it looks like],” Winkelmann said.

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