julho 20, 2024

Behind every satisfied resident is a dedicated team of professionals driven to make their life as seamless as possible. “To provide intuitive, anticipatory service, you must go beyond the expected,” says James Carter, Director of Residences at
Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles. “In LA, we are very fortunate that with a relatively small team, our highly cross-functional people are eager to please and are fully supportive of one another, so we can do whatever it takes to exceed residents’ expectations.”

The team’s ability to anticipate needs combined with the ability to think creatively has resulted in unique experiences tailored exclusively for residents. “Our thought process is centered around the benefit to the community,” says Carter. “We want to bring everyone together by putting on events that make our residents smile, feel special and build connection. Our Porsche event was a testament to this process.”

Since Los Angeles is a very car-centric city, many Four Seasons residents who already own high-value or rare vehicles are curious about moving into the world of luxury electric vehicles. Noticing this, the team was excited to arrange for Porsche to bring a fleet of cars to test drive. The sign-up process was quick and easy, and the event resulted in two residents purchasing a Porsche Taycan 4S, the luxury carmaker’s first-ever fully electric option.

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