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Located in the “Hollywood of the North”, the city of Toronto, this eclectic house is a spectacular show by itself. With a combination of luxury furniture pieces – Nº11, Lapiaz Sideboard, Robin Mirror, Eden Side Table, Diamond Bathtub and Lapiaz Freestanding – that provide a wide and clean aesthetic, complementing perfectly the architecture of the house. In this interior design, we travel to a unique house, where modern and classic styles intersect.

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Get Inspired With This Eclectic House

Spectacular but, at the same time, cautious, this singular home is bathed in dark, soothing colours and light beige tones, to emphasize the contrast of the style and highlight the magnificence and quality of the furniture. Various items, create almost an eclectic vibe with a fresh reinterpretation of some of the most classical elements from the walls and even the pieces themselves.

According to the design creator, this is a complicated and contradictory aesthetic, whose interiors combine dark, deep colours with traditional elements like fretwork and plaster, not forgetting specific golden elements and details.


The white walls in combination with the cream and caffe latte tones of the furniture and flooring transpire a chicness and sleekness. A truly magnificent aesthetic, conceived by uniting the classic elements of the architecture with contemporary and modern furniture and lighting pieces

nude tones in a hallway
Living Room

Embraced in a wide-open space area, sharing its space with both the kitchen and dining room, the living area is a simple modern area, yet it primes for its comfort. The darker walls leave room for the pieces to stand out since most of the upholstery is created in light tones

nude living room with a cream modular sofa
nude living room with a cream modular sofa

With a hue of brown inspired by the Cassia cinnamon, this ultra-comfortable sofa contains an upholstered back and seating, with symmetric shapes for a chic look. A rearrangeable sofa, that’s both chic and cosy.

open space with living, dining room and kitchen

It’s not a secret that white is considered the colour for cleanliness, so this all-white, bright kitchen is a perfect example of how to achieve the perfect contemporary modern feel incorporated into a modern classic design. The island counter with a marble top for those “in a hurried breakfast” accompanied by the illuminating and sleek Metamorphosis Sconce, through a careful artistic approach, explores new surprising design techniques and magnificent finishes.

white and pastel colours in the kitchen

The two primary finishes, marble and brass, come together in a comfortable and beautiful dialogue between the roughness of brass and the beauty of marble. Metamorphosis Sconce is like a luxury jewel and the most sophisticated lightning accessory for this modern kitchen.

metamorphosis sconce by boca do lobo
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Dining Room
dark dining room with  agold suspension lamp, a black dining table and black and gold dining chairs

Although in the same open space area, the dining room stands out not only because the architecture and colour of the walls are different from the other rooms, but also because of how this corner pops and demands your attention.

green dining room with  agold suspension lamp, a black dining table and black and gold dining chairs

Suddenly, a mix of styles and finishes grabs your eye, with Beyond Dining Table from Luxxu, where the distinctive features create a perfect balance between the best hand-crafted wood with brass accents and the warm and golden tones on the polished surface.

green dining room with  agold suspension lamp, a black dining table and black and gold dining chairs

These golden tones are complemented by Boca do Lobo’s Nº 11 Chair.

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Master Bedroom

This accent chair is made of gold-plated solid cast brass with a varnish finish. It includes a wide bow back rail sustained by languid spindles that drip solid metal from the apron up, while the legs are generously curled, producing a visual impression that defies physics.

dark master bedroom with grey furniture

Masterfully decorated, the master bedroom is a full-on luxury experience by the looks of it all. Sleek and highly modern, the arrangement and setting of the furniture were created to make the bedroom feel wider and calmer.

dark master bedroom with grey furniture, white and gold sideboard and a gold mirror

Robin Mirror, a wall mirror that was given a strong visual texture through the use of handmade nails, each one unique in its finishing, size, and character, gives this room a touch of modernism, while the Lapiaz Sideboard was essential to provide an even richer ambience. Its iconic look with the cracks of gold protruding from its body provides a consistent look for the room but also emanates a fantastic lustful experience.

robin mirror by boca do lobo
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lapiaz sideboard by boca do lobo
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Again, the use of marble was what differentiated this bathroom from the other rooms, this time monochromatic white and greyish hue, leaving room for the pieces to shine for themselves. Iconic and unique, the Diamond Bathtub and Lapiaz Freestanding from Boca do Lobo x Maison Valentina gives a modern vibe to an otherwise very classic and timid bathroom. This bathtub’s incredible irregular shape is inspired by a diamond’s unique lines and features, also boasts a built-in oval tub that will provide you with the most comfortable and luxurious baths in the world.

white and gold diamond bathtub by boca do lobo
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white and gold freestanding by boca do lobo
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Guest Bedroom
bordeaux master bedroom

A mid-century modern vibe is evident in this room, but complemented by the marron wall and boiserie, creates another completely different level of style, harmonizing various materials, fabrics, and even patterns to create a final set that is both cohesive with the other rooms, but also can stand out by its own.

white and black marble bathroom

A small enclosed area, that stands out for the use of marble in its architecture, contrary to the other rooms in the house. Eden Side Table elevates it to a luxury room by adding a perfect hue of gold, combining cohesively with the other elements and rooms.

eden side table by boca do lobo
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Kids Bedroom
pastel colours in a kids bedroom

Peaceful, dreamy, and magical. Three qualities are needed for a bedroom, but especially for a children’s or teens’ room. This room is all that, white walls and pastel hues of the upholstery are the subtle details that transform this room into a peaceful retreat.

Home Office
blue home office

Again, in a mix of classic and contemporary elements, where every carefully assembled detailed, and curated setting, is ultimately incorporated into the office, turning it into the latest cohesively room of the house. The emblematic Apotheosis Desk from Luxxu is a given contemporary element. Sophisticated, a bold statement item that adds depth and dimension to this project. This office desk is the ultimate exhibition of elegance, refinement, and utility coming together as one in a beautiful encounter of brilliant workmanship and inventive design.

blue home office with a eclectic design

On the other hand, the deep green velvet of Brabbu’s Bourbon Armchair matches the wall and the earthly vibe that emanates from the ambience. Finally, Blakey Suspension Lamp from Delighftull is a hanging lighting piece that reflects a period and modern art. It combines a powerful presence to draw attention to the desk with the simplicity of its forms.

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