junho 14, 2024

Superyachts are fantastic, unquestionably. But are they also serene? They sure can be when modeled after Dasha Moranova Designs Senses Spa. With the help of AI, the company effectively revolutionizes the tranquility quotient onboard a luxury vessel by embedding invisible technologies in a project called Senses. Images reveal a significant shift from conventional superyacht architecture. It does so by completely deleting watertight bulkheads from the lower deck. The airy lower deck now makes most of the calming waterline, giving a creative layout that leads to an elevated user experience. From a tech-savvy health center to a sprawling open space that offers an almost 360-degree view of the ocean, superyacht owners will finally see what it is actually to unwind on their ships.

The soothing interior areas blend seamlessly with the exterior design. The outer space has numerous massagers, including loungers and a solar massage room. Senses Spa will offer every amenity that leads to rejuvenation, like a steam room, a Finnish sauna, and an ice bath. The spa has a hot bath in the closed pod of -5C, where snowflakes fall onto your body while you stay submerged in the hot tub or renew in a cryotherapy capsule. Yet another noteworthy feature is the steam shower complete with a large salt rock.

Guests can sample serenity in unique ways owing to the ingenious ideas of Dasha Moranova Designs. They get lost in a meditation pod, detached from external stimuli while remaining focused on meditation sounds and Tesla 369 frequencies while enjoying the ocean. The digital walls help fabricate your preferred setting and a milieu that suits your mood and emotion.

“Find harmony and balance from the inside out and outside in. Our high-tech and high-touch approach takes you as deep as you would like to go and touches all of your senses,” the design studio shared. “By using the latest invisible technologies, such as invisible wall panels and TV screens from VBH (Van Berge Henegouwen) and invisible Audio solutions from Sonance, we were able to create a very tranquil and unique environment to re-awaken your Senses.”

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