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Avanzato Design is the epitome of luxury design. Based in Miami, the design firm is world-renowned and recognized as one of the best in the business. With offices spread all around the globe, the design firm specializes in interior design and architecture and is distinguished for its high standards and luxury design projects.  

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For over twenty years, Vincenzo Avanzato has led his team to deliver the most innovative solutions, personalized atmospheres, and exclusive finishes for today’s diversified lifestyles.

Vincenzo’s experience contributes greatly to the design firm’s success as he has been involved in countless interior design projects, from luxury residences in South Florida to opulent boutiques, restaurants, hotels, and large-scale residences in New York, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

From commercial to residential interior design projects, Avanzato Design continues the legacy of its founder and gives body and shape to wishes and dreams. The design firm creates truly unique interior design projects by communicating with its audiences and understanding their vision, to create a tailored and ultra-customized design experience.

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Avanzato Design - An Amazing Design Firm Based in Miami

Avanzato Design masters luxury design like no other, from smaller projects to large-scale residences and hotels, the design firm is involved in every step of the way, from choosing textures and materials to customizing furniture and furnishings to combining all design and architectural elements in perfect harmony.

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The design firm is incredibly versatile as it creates not only modern/contemporary interior design projects but also traditional and transitional projects.

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Some of their most iconic contemporary designs would be the Biltmore Parc Condominium, the F45 Vantage Yacht, and the Beach Apartment in Fisher Island. True luxury design. These interior design projects have a more fluid, and often minimalist approach, combining a softer palette with spots of colour. Contemporary furniture meets custom furnishing and perfect harmony, and balance is achieved.  

The design firm’s more traditional interior design projects are known for their classic elegance and sophistication. A warmer colour palette is usually allied to more woody materials, creating a stronger aesthetic. From eclectic to French-inspired, some of Avanzato Design’s most remarkable traditional projects are the Private Paris Office, the Waterfront Residence, and the Grand Château, just to mention a few.

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Avanzato Design’s transitional interior design projects are a harmonious combination of both contemporary and classical elements. The Italian Villa in Coral Gables, the W Hotel in Miami Beach, and the Urban Apartment in Venezuela are just a few examples of their transitional design, where contemporary design meets some traditional elements to create unmatched design inspirations.

Avanzato Design also explores craftsmanship, working alongside many creative artisans and artists to create the most customized design possible. The design firm also focuses on how interior design can help reduce climate change effects and on how they can contribute positively to the cause.

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There is no doubt that Avanzato Design is one of the most incredible design firms in the world. Their interior design projects combine unprecedented aesthetics with function, to create unique environments that are meant to be lived and admired. The company masters luxury design, but it is still very involved in other causes such as climate change and the support of artisans and craftsmanship. The design firm creates unmatched design inspirations, and we cannot wait to see what they’ll do next!

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