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With an easy-to-assemble and easy-to-ignite design, the WARMBOND BondStove Fire Pit is perfect for people new to firepits. It’s compact, portable, has a dual-air system that eliminates smoke, has its own temperature indicator, and even features accessories that let you do activities like grilling or just warming your hands and body.

Look at the BondStove Fire Pit’s design and assembly and it’s difficult to shake off the feeling that it was clearly envisioned to be the high-end Mac Studio of fire pits. It has a similar rounded-square body that’s more compact than its competition, with a metallic design and an interior construction that’s just incredibly clever in how it promotes airflow with sheer efficiency. The square-shaped design gives you a larger fire pit than a conventional circular one, with a combustion chamber area of 58 liters. Inner and outer layers cleverly create an airflow pattern that helps the BondStove dissipate smoke in a way that keeps your fire pit clean and clear, eliminating excessive smoke and pollution, and that oddly smoky flavor while you’re grilling your steaks.

Designer: WARMBOND Design

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The BondStove’s design has an almost LEGO-like assembly that makes it easy to put together outdoors, and disassemble at the end of the day. It comes with its own carrying case that lets you wheel it around, and takes minutes to assemble. Starting the fire is rather simple too, with WARMBOND’s patented easy-to-ignite jute fire-starting rings that you can simply light and chuck into the wood pit. In a mere handful of moments, the fire pit comes to life, with a burning time of 12 full minutes. The firepit’s 16.5-inch height also helps dissipate heat in both a radial and vertical direction, warming as many as 9 people from head to toe.

More Fire, Less Smoke – The unique dual-air system allows you to relish in fireside experiences without smoky flame.

Warm from Head to Toe – The perfect height (16.5 inches) for ultimate fireside experience. And with multi-layer insulation design, is suitable for all surfaces, be it grass, deck, or ground, without harming the surfaces.

Unlike other fire pits that have you MacGyvering solutions together for when you want to cook food or stay warm, the BondStove pretty much has you sorted with its set of modular accessories that allow the fire to play multiple roles and serve different purposes. A fire-viewing glass ring helps accentuate the flames while creating a protective shield between you and the fire, and also making it wind-proof. Want to warm yourself instead? Swap it out for a heat deflector disc that maximizes heat distribution, creating a fire that radiates warmth with much more efficiency. A final grilling accessory lets you turn your fire pit into a barbecue, complete with all the accessories you need like a lid, fire-safe gloves, temperature gauge, and your very own barbecue kit with tongs, skewers, and a basting brush.

Built to last generations, the BondStove Fire Pit comes crafted from stainless steel, with composite polymer and water-based nano ceramic coatings on the outside that are heat-resistant and easy to clean, while also letting you customize your fire pit with multiple color options. Its state-of-the-art construction makes it resistant to corrosion while being both water and wind-proof during operation. Each BondStove comes with an add-on storage carrier case with a waterproof cover, and an optional set of add-on caster wheels that let you pull your fire pit around instead of lifting it. You’re even supplied with WARMBOND’s sustainable, patented jute firestarter rings, with the option of buying extra packs for just a $12 upgrade. The BondStove Fire Pit starts at $279 for just the fire pit, or $399 if you want a fire pit in a custom color of your choice. Modular accessories like the fire viewing ring, grilling rig, and warming station are all available as individual modules, so you can add them to your pledge based on whether you need them or not.

Each WARMBOND BondStove Fire Pit ships with a lifetime warranty and in sustainable, eco-friendly packaging. In fact, WARMBOND is even partnering up with One Tree Planted to grow forests using profits from their BondStove campaign. “We all know that fire pits burn wood, so we aim to keep planting trees for a 100% circular ecosystem”, the folks at WARMBOND rightfully say.

Click Here to Buy Now: $280 $401 (30% off). Hurry, only 50 left!

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