junho 14, 2024

As someone who has lived in a tropical country all her life, I have no concept of what it means to be really, really cold. Sure, I’ve been to countries where I need to wear thick jackets but I’ve never experienced negative degree weather and have not been able to appreciate jackets that can keep you warm and protect you from freezing weather. Down is one of the most popular materials for these kinds of jackets but it’s not really friendly to animals. So a puffer jacket that uses better materials is always welcome.

Designer: Vollebak

The Aerogel Puffer is made from the lightest solid material in the world which is actually used to line spacesuits and insulate electronics. Aerogel has individual neoprenes that are 10,000 thinner than human hair so it is also pretty lightweight and air will not be able to pass through it. The jacket itself has advanced synthetic insulation and its outer shell uses the ultra lightweight yarn so that you’ll be protected from extreme cold weather (even -30 degrees!) but it also won’t weigh you down totally. The insulation fibers and the aerogel trap the air pockets to your body and is also the thermal barrier you’ll need to protect you from the cold air.

The woven yarns used in the jacket (which weighs under 1 gram for 1 kilometer) has a finishing called circe which actually serves as a seal so that weather elements like wind, snow, and light rain will not be able to go through. It also means that your body heat and the insulation it creates will not be able to get out, so you remain warm and snuggly when experiencing some slightly unpleasant weather. You get five zipped pockets, two large ones on the side to keep your hands warm and the others to hold your stuff like phone, wallet, keys, etc.

The Aerogel Puffer looks like most other puffer jackets but it’s supposedly lighter than the ones made from down. The ultralight water-repellant and windproof jacket has a regular fit and is available in various sizes from extra small to double extra large. It’s available in a black edition and a white one. If ever I would be staying somewhere that is really, really cold, this can be an interesting accessory to have, especially when I’m not used to actual cold weather (and I want to protect the ducks).

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