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It’s been more than 5 years since Elon Musk showcased the Tesla Roadster 2 as a surprise at the end of the Tesla Semi event in 2017, promising that the company will start shipping in 2020. Many deadlines have come and gone and there’s still no clarity on when the all-electric sports car will hit the market. It’s the same case with the Tesla Cybertruck that was revealed in 2019 and is yet to go on sale. Understandably, many have grown impatient by this endless wait, especially those who had forked out a reservation fee of $50,000 for the Roadster. Frustrated by this, a man in California decided to take matters into his own hands and build his own Tesla Roadster.


The man behind this unique DIY Roadster project is named David Andreyev and he has been capturing the progress of the build on his YouTube channel Cyber Hooligan. It all started when he managed to buy himself a crashed 2018 dual-motor Tesla Model 3 for $14,000 eight months ago. His initial plan was to build a Cybertruck out of it. In fact, Andreyev had previously built a homemade Cybertruck out of a Toyota Prius, which he later put up for sale. However, the YouTuber changed his mind and decided to build a car inspired by both Cybertruck and Roadster 2, which is why he chose to name it Cyber-Roadster.

Via Instagram / @cyber_hooligan

Andreyev’s Cyber-Roadster is still a long way away from completion, but he has already made some major design changes to the busted-up Model 3 to make it look like a sleek sports car. One of the first things he did was chop the pillars and bring the roof closer to the body. He has also changed most of the body panels along with giving it flared wheel arches to accommodate fatter tires. Andreyev says the Cyber-Roadster is already six inches wider than the Lamborghini Huracan. The front and rear feature light strips directly inspired by the Cybertruck. He’s also using parts from other cars for the build, including a rear bumper salvaged from a Subaru BRZ. The YouTuber says the final result will look like the love child of a Lamborghini and a Cybertruck. Dope, right? We can’t wait for it!

The 2nd gen Tesla Roadster was unveiled way back in 2017.

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