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A self-taught mixologist, Kendie Williams proves that when you have a passion for something, amazing things can happen. “My love for bartending was inspired not only by my love of food and beverage, but also the fact that I just love seeing people have a good time,” she says. And when Williams is behind the bar at Four Seasons Resort Nevis, West Indies, you can be sure a good time will be had by all.

Known for her creative use of fresh ingredients, she uses her extensive knowledge of flavour combinations to craft her award-winning cocktails. “Local ingredients are a big deal for me because not only are they more fresh, but they tell a story,” says Williams. “I love having fresh fruits, vegetables and other ingredients at my fingertips and being able to freestyle at any time knowing that my cocktails are going to be unique, fresh, taste good on the palate and also look pretty.”

Williams’ devotion to local ingredients runs deep, with some of them sourced from her own backyard garden such as hot peppers, herbs, guava, tamarind and soursop. “Some of these fruits can only be grown in the Caribbean, so my guests are usually excited to try cocktails made with them.”

Another source of inspiration? The chance to meet a variety of different people from many different places and cultures. “Working at Four Seasons has helped me to understand the diversity of people from around the world, what they like and how to cater to them,” she notes. “I have also learned how to incorporate their favourite flavours with my Caribbean ingredients to give a mash-up feel to my cocktails. It makes people feel at home while also allowing them to get to know my culture through my cocktails.”

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