julho 13, 2024

It’s hard to digest that the PlayStation 5 has been around for three years now. The world’s best-selling gaming console may not be entirely obsolete just yet, but internal rumblings indicate the launch of a “Gen 2” PS5 that could see the console get its routine upgrades before Sony moves to the PlayStation 6, which the company is definitely working on, according to PS5 designer Mark Cerny. This new PS5 Pro (as it’ll probably be called) is rumored to drop as early as April, with sales beginning in September.

Designer: Latif Ghouali

Sony’s track record of releasing incremental upgrades isn’t new. The company started this trend with the launch of the PS4 Pro, which launched in 2016, three years after the PS4 dropped in 2013. It seems pretty much general consensus that Sony will give the PS5 the same treatment with a Pro model being announced next month. This new unit’s alleged to have water-cooling, and a new CPU and GPU from AMD that could possibly support Sony’s eventual promise of 8K gaming, although that’s probably wishful thinking at this point.

Sony has plans for the 8K market; after all, it advertised TVs that could support the resolution at 120 frames per second. In the PS Blog, they even termed the TVs as “PS5-ready”. A comprehensive part of the Q&A section of the PS5 website also maintains that it’s “8K compatible”, but will only be made possible by a future update. This seems to be the perfect spot for a PS5 Pro, if Sony is truly committed to delivering a console capable of 8K, 120 frames per second, ray-tracing, and more.

The concept we’ve got here is a PS5 redesign from Dubai-based artist Latif Ghouali. It ditches the organic form factor of the existing PS5, taking on a more rugged alien-like form to enforce its “Pro” demeanor. It does have the personality of an Alienware Area-51 gaming desktop, with its upright, angular, edgy design. The glowing LED strips always make everything better, although I’m not sure about how I feel looking at the edgy, angular gaming controller.

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