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Russians were left heartbroken when most of the world’s leading luxury brands, like Gucci, Burberry, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton, suspended their operations in Russia. There are a few enterprising Russians who, instead of marinating in misery, prefer to cough up a counterfeit. Moscow-based musicians Yegor Creed and Timati and restaurateur Anton Pinsky have a way of putting a smile on fans of the Kering-owned fashion brand Gucci- the GUCCI CAFE. The fake Gucci restaurant bears signage with the Gucci name spelled backward, complete with furniture upholstered in an instantly recognizable GG monogram.

Via Twitter / @Oh_89

They may not be able to dress you in Gucci garbs, but at least Russia can revel in some Gucci carbs! An action like this can never go unnoticed, and the original luxury label is aware of the Gucci-inspired culinary creation in Moscow. A spokesman for Gucci confirmed that the brand is in no way connected to the similarly named outpost and “did not give any consent, permission or rights to [anyone to] open and manage this institution, whether under contract or otherwise.”

The cafe is popular with local celebrities too.Via Twitter / @nexta_tv

The company representative said it would “take all necessary protective measures” to respond to such infringement. According to The Fashion Law, the three founders are proactively pushing back against impending claims from Gucci. The trio firmly believes they are not infringing any of the brand’s rights as their enterprise is a restaurant registered as EFAC ICCUG – not GUCCI CAFE. Moreover, Gucci lacks a registration for its name in connection with restaurant services.

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