junho 14, 2024

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about the cycle of life and the joy of taking care of plants. I wish my mom or grandmother taught me that when I was a kid but unfortunately, they also both had “black thumbs” so we couldn’t really keep our garden alive. But now there are things like hydroponics and other devices and ways for kids to learn about plant care and understand plant life. These things can be incorporated into their education in order to cultivate a love for plants and life.

Designer: Mona Safari

Spacecrop is not just a device where you can take care of plants but it also serves as a fun nightlight for your kid (and you). The design is modeled after a spacecraft, like the ones we see that land on the moon or planets but the difference is that there are seeds and eventually plants inside. There are buckets inside where the seeds will be placed and this space is filled with the lightweight hydroponic substrate Rockwool cubes. These cubes will help the plants grow and the air stones on top of the buckets will bring oxygen to the roots, along with the air pump included in the system.

The device also has something installed in it that will project the night sky in the child’s (or adult’s) room. They can also choose to play sounds like sea, wind, forest, rain, and other nature atmospheric sounds when you’re sleeping, reading, or meditating. This way, even if you live in the city and don’t have access to natural environments, the kids can still develop an appreciation for nature. They get to take care of the plants in a low maintenance and also have fun with the device.

I actually feel that while Spacecrop was originally designed for kids, it’s something that adults would enjoy. I’ve been considering hydroponics lately as I want to have plants at home but as previously mentioned, I somehow don’t have that green thumb. So having a pretty uncomplicated device to help me grow plants and also have pretty night lights seem like a good one to have at home, even if I’m far from being a kid.

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