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I know the term ‘forever’ can get thrown around a little loosely while discussing EDC durability, but it’s precisely what designer EDC Monster had in mind while designing the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar. Crafted from Gr5 Titanium, this pocket-friendly tool is lightweight, versatile, and ridiculously durable. It sports 10 different tools that cover every scenario from fixing your bicycle to escaping your car, and from cracking open a bottle of beer to writing a letter… all of which encapsulate that ‘forever’ aspect, including the last bit, thanks to the fact that the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar comes with its own Forever Pen – a special metallic writing instrument that can write forever, without using ink or graphite.

Designer: EDC Monster

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While most multitools are designed for the outside, the Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar has the unique distinction of having tools that can be used indoors and outdoors, and in casual settings or emergencies. The entire EDC measures just under 6 inches long and comes equipped with a pocket clip as well as a lanyard hole that lets you carry it around with you. Along the prybar’s length sit as many as 10 different tools, starting with the pry bar at the tip, with an American Tanto-style tip that isn’t sharp enough to accidentally cut you, but holds its edge rather well when used to whittle away at wood, pierce tough objects, or scrape away at rough items. That Gr5 titanium construction helps in this area, keeping the Pry Bar going even with rough and tough use… and if things get too intense, sitting right behind the pry bar is a bottle-opener detail that lets you crack open a cold bottle of beer or soda, depending on which way you lean.

On the opposite side of the tool lies a ratcheted screwdriver that lets you fit any standard S2 bit into it. The Pry Bar comes with two of its own bits magnetically tucked into its openable design, although you can just as easily replace them for any other S2 bit that you’re more likely to use. Find yourself working with electronics? Carry the smaller Phillips-head bits. Ardent bicyclist? Hex bits are your friend! Keep one flat-head screwdriver bit handy for most screw-tightening or loosening scenarios!

The ratcheted screwdriver lets you mount and use your bits with ease, allowing the ratchet mechanism to do most of the work for you, whether it’s tightening or loosening. To swap directions, just flip the Pry Bar over onto its other side and you’re good to go! Once you’re done, the bits tuck away neatly in their dedicated slots.

Each Pry Bar also comes with 4 slots for Tritium capsules that allow the multitool to glow in the dark. However, certain restrictions prevent the makers from shipping Tritium with the Pry Bar, although you can buy them separately and add them into the two slots on the front and back. EDC Monster will, nevertheless, ship the Pry Bar with luminous vials that can be charged under any regular light source.

The Pry Bar’s biggest highlight, however, is the Forever Pen that magnetically sits in its enclosure, and can be taken out to make notes, doodles, or sketches. The pen features a tip made from a special type of graphite that can oxidize on paper, leaving behind a mark that’s similar to the graphite on a pencil. However, unlike a pencil that loses its edge and needs to be sharpened periodically, the Forever Pen practically runs for an eternity, doesn’t need sharpening, and can replace hundreds of regular pencils. It works on most kinds of paper (although stone paper seems to display the best results) and will never accidentally leave marks on your clothes. The written notes are waterproof but erasable, while the pen itself is both water and fireproof, while also being resistant to damage, thanks to its compact design and titanium grip.

Each Titanium Multi-Function Pry Bar comes individually CNC-machined from Gr5 titanium and is designed to last for decades with minimal wear and tear on the metallic elements of its design. The entire multitool weighs a paltry 3 ounces (85 grams) with the S2 bits and Forever Pen included, and starts at $129 for super early bird backers on Kickstarter, with free global shipping beginning as early as March.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $169 (24% off) Limited Offer! Just 7 days left

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